Friday, May 06, 2005

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous Kuwaitis

KTV presents
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous Kuwaitis
10 PM KT


Today's episode - The richest family in Kuwait

Now before you run to your TV, think about it, can we ever have such a show in Kuwait!!!

Although I believe such a show would be a hit, it can never be made in a society that strongly believes in the evil eye.

Imagine if we can see inside the real estate, examine the cars and get a rough figure on screen of the wealth those people have. Get answers on where do they spend their money? And where do they travel? Maybe have an investigative reporter describe how did they really make their money, and who was ripped off within the family, and interview them!

I think such a show will be tantalizing viewers, since Kuwaiti society is very keen about minding other people's business.

Will anyone agree to be in such a show?! The evil eye and envious mentality will surely hinder participation.

" Mashalla he has all that" will surely be repeated so many times but oh boy will the majority of the viewers be boiling with envy.

I do not understand the envious nature of Kuwaiti society. Everyone or atleast most people are well off, yet they envy others all the time. You can even see that in the stock market as many people refuse to buy certain stocks because they are affiliated with a certain family that they do not like purely because that family is successful!

Would such a show increase this nature, or would it reduce it as more people can better assess and understand how rich our richest people are? I think we will be shocked with the riches of certain families and disappointed with the riches of others. Probably be laughing at the ill taste and nouveau riche habits of some too.

We might learn a lesson from success vs. Failure in establishing wealth, but I bet it will be a tough lesson to teach Kuwaitis to learn to be less envious!


Desert Girl said...

This is why so many magazines in Kuwait are doing so well - either including "socialite" sections, or just plain showing photos of wealthy people out doing (whatever) around Kuwait: People LOVE to see their own faces in the media.

Blue said...

It boosts their self esteem.

Anonymous said...

thats why Q8i people are desperate to know what others own. But dont want anyone to see what they worth...